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Living Through Grief

Grief is a process. A process that is not linear or circular. People experiencing grief may feel they are bouncing from one stage to another, in no particular order and without a clear pattern. Arriving at acceptance today, doesn’t guarantee you won’t experience one of the other stages tomorrow. Being kind, gentle and patient with yourself, just as you would with your dearest friend, is crucial for allowing the grief process to occur so healing may come about. ⠀ I've worked with many clients over the years who have had to endure the pain of watching a loved one slowly fade away and succumb to illness. I've sat with individuals who have grappled emotionally with the reality of their marriage or other significant relationship falling apart. Loss of loved ones, loss of relationships, loss of hopes in plans that have fallen through; all forms of loss are valid reasons to experience grief. You don’t have to live through grief alone. Seeking the assistance of a therapist is one of the most loving and caring actions you can take toward yourself as you struggle with the challenges presented by loss.

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