Providing both In-Person and Online Mental/Emotional Health Counseling for Tennessee Residents


Introducing Joenell Hardyway, LMSW.  

Joenell is joining Benjamin Holmes Counseling after working in the mental health field since 2013.  Prior to beginning her career in mental health, Joenell served in the United States Army as an Officer.  Benjamin Holmes has known Joenell since 2015 and highly recommends her to anyone looking for a compassionate, skilled and engaging therapist.  She is a fierce advocate for her clients and consistently demonstrates an empathetic determination to see her clients succeed.  Joenell is currently accepting new clients for both in-person and virtual sessions, and is available during evenings and weekends.    



"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate" (Carl Jung).  The experiences from your past have shaped and molded your personality and decisions, oftentimes, on a level which you are not fully aware.  You might be conscious of the experiences you've endured, just maybe not so much as to how those experiences have impacted you.  Most of us have insight into what isn't working in our lives.  Depression, anxiety, shame, self-defeating behaviors, and serial failure in romantic relationships are just a few issues many people find themselves struggling with prior to starting therapy.  We know all too well what we want to change.  We just don't always know how to change.  Psychotherapy can help.
Finding a therapist can be an overwhelming process.  To put you at ease, let me tell you a little about myself.  I start from the assumption that every client is the expert on themself.  My job is to provide you with an environment conducive to exploration and discovery as you work to unlock your innate ability to change, to grow, and to heal.



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