Life Coach, Mentor, Guide, Inspirer

Specializing in performers, writers, musicians- artists of all kinds. Whether you are a professional or not.

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The Artists’ Journey

Life itself is the first, the greatest of the arts- and for it all other arts are but preparation. We are here for 2 reasons:

To create

To relate.

The better we relate to the world around us, free of judgement and desire of outcome, the more equipped we will be to create the life we want…and deserve.

We are all artists. Whether you know it or not. Your life is your art- your masterpiece. Let’s start painting. I will help you create your masterpiece…everyday.

What is your song? 

What is your poetry?

We will find the things that are blocking you that you are not even aware of. That will allow you to access those parts of you that are your greatest gifts. You may not see how they will fit into your life now, but room will be made- because they will be unstoppable.

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I have had the artists journey. From being on Broadway to performing at The Grand Ole Opry, to writing musicals and jingles, to performing for over 100,000 fans in Inner Mongolia or journeying through India, Tibet, Africa and Russia, my life has been courageous and varied. I learned to love my failures as much as my successes and found them to be equally fulfilling. By traveling the world and engaging in different cultures, I have a deeper understanding of what makes life rewarding- from Eastern and western perspectives. I will meet you where you are and offer radical perspectives on your life and art.

By studying acting with Stella Adler, I gained understanding of character development and motivations. We are just actors on the world stage…What is your unique part to play? We will find your unique voice— because everyone else’s is taken!

As a songwriter and playwright, I have spent my life feeling, understanding and telling stories. Let me help you to tell your story. 



Prayed to the ancients in an Anasazi Kiva 

Lost myself in a Sensory deprivation tank in LA

Camped in the Sahara desert

Wandered through India, Tibet, Vietnam, Myanmar….Safaried in Zimbabwe

Spoke with a barrel cactus in the California desert

Sipped Heroin  with the elders at a Bishnoi village in Northern India

Rode horseback with a mogul emperor in the hills of Udaipur, India

Met with Krishnamurti’s biographer in Mumbai

Set prayer flags in Tibet

Partied with John Lennon and Andy Warhol at Studio 54

Failed more times than I can remember….but in the process created the life I wanted.

Lived in NYC, LA, Nashville and in the Montana mountains in a converted barn only heated by wood stoves.

Student of





The religious practices of The Lakota Sioux


Coaching is a powerful, ongoing relationship that helps you focus and realize your visions and goals.  I will help you acquire the tools and support to remove obstacles in order to facilitate change.  You will explore fresh ways of being in this world, as you release old habits and conditioned reactions that have stopped working for you.


A therapist traditionally explores issues such as family of origin and deep emotional trauma in order to unravel particular symptoms and behaviors. Therapy involves identifying issues from the past that are creating problems in one’s life, preventing forward motion. If I feel therapy would be more appropriate, I will refer you to my associate Benjamin Holmes, one of the best in the field.


You can set the agenda for the session- or we can go free form and see where it leads us.
We can meet at my office, go out for coffee, wander through the woods, wherever you feel most comfortable and engaged.
We can also meet over zoom or the phone.


  • Manage a transition in personal and professional life.

  • Explore artful ways to uncover deep meaning in the ordinary- to see the grace in all parts of your life.

  • Examine conflicts, emotions and painful experiences in relationships.

  • Set stretch goals in personal and professional life and a path to reach them.

  • Move beyond limiting beliefs and conditioned responses in daily activities; challenge and foster a deep self-compassion and compassion for others.

  • Improve your self esteem and confidence- add more play and adventure to your life.

  • Seek meaning and a life purpose, want to explore and/or deepen their Spirituality.

  • Feel stuck/bored, discontent at work and/or in personal life.

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For a free 15 minute consultation, press here.

I do not believe in selling a package or demanding a commitment. We will gauge how you feel at the end of each session and move forward from there.


One Hour Session


Ninety Minute Session